What Is The Most Reliable Delivery Service?

Where is the banana in totally reliable delivery service?

The banana can be found in the treehouse on Keister Island in the northeast of the map.

The Banana Motel is located on the Happy Clam Resort Island.

You can find room number five after going upstairs at the Banana Motel..

How much money is totally reliable delivery service?

Totally Reliable Delivery Service will run you $14.99, which I think is a very reasonable price. $9.99 may have been the sweeter price point, but I do believe that the asking price is justified and quite worth it.

How many deliveries are there in totally reliable delivery service?

100 deliveriesThe game has 100 deliveries available (130 w/DLC).

Is totally reliable delivery service 2 players?

PSA: The #NintendoSwitch version has full 4 player online multiplayer, and 2 player local co-op 4 player local co-op is coming shortly after launch! Pre-order on Switch: .

Who made totally reliable delivery service?

We’re Five GamesTotally Reliable Delivery Service/Developers

How much is totally reliable delivery service on Xbox?

Best price for Totally Reliable Delivery Service on Xbox OneRegionPriceStore linkUnited States$14.99ViewUnited Kingdom£12.49ViewEurope€14.99ViewAustralia$22.45View4 more rows

Is totally reliable delivery service single player?

I say up to four players but what I really mean is a minimum of two, because although Totally Reliable Delivery Service can technically be played solo, it is a vastly inferior experience when you don’t have additional dopey deliverymen bumbling along with you to either help or hinder your progress.

Is totally reliable delivery service free?

Totally Reliable Delivery Service, a goofy cooperative physics sandbox, launched today as a paid title on consoles, but it’s totally free on its sole PC platform. You can grab Totally Reliable Delivery Service for free on the Epic Store until April 8. It’s $14.99 USD on consoles, so the deal for PC players is notable.

How long is totally reliable delivery service?

8-10 hoursThe estimated time to complete all 25 Totally Reliable Delivery Service achievements is 8-10 hours.