Quick Answer: What’S So Great About Equinox?

What do you get with Equinox membership?

Equinox Equinox is arguably the swankiest gym chain in America.

Members pay $200 to $300 initiation fees and $160 to $250 monthly rates.

They rave about the gym’s amenities, which include classes taught by former Olympians and spa treatments..

Can you negotiate with Equinox?

If you ask nicely, Equinox will sometimes be willing to waive the initiation fee. I’ve never tried this personally, but there are instances where people were able to negotiate with a manager for a discounted rate.

Is it hard to cancel Equinox membership?

According to Equinox’s FAQ page, all cancellations must be done in-person with a club manager, through the Member Administration department, which you can email at memadmin@equinox.co, over the phone (866-332-6549), or through registered or certified mail sent to your home club.

Can Equinox members bring guests?

Unlike other gyms you may have tried in the past, an Equinox guest passes allows the potential member or guest of a member to try their club for seven days. … Equinox does charge a fee for these trials, similar to a down payment, that is given back in full if you do not decide to join.

Does Equinox have a cancellation fee?

Buyer Right to Cancellation: You may cancel this contract without any penalty or further obligation with written notice by certified or registered mail provided to Equinox within (3) days from the agreement date only.

How can I get an Equinox discount?

The last way to join with a bit of savings is to work for a company that offers a Corporate Discount. These are usually initiated by your company with Equinox and the company agrees to sign up at least 50 employees and Equinox agrees to a discount. Usually around 25 to 65 off the monthly cost.

Are expensive gyms worth it?

The research found that people were willing to go twice as far for more expensive gyms than they were the cheaper ones, and they were happy to make the trip at least a few times a week. …

What is the nicest Equinox in NYC?

East 92nd Street: One of the nicest base-tier Equinoxes out there. East 92nd Street was another hidden gem, far removed from most other Equinox locations. Housed in a luxury tower built by its parent company, Related Companies, this Equinox spans multiple floors.

How do I quit equinox?

I want to cancel my membership. How do I do that? You may cancel in club with a club manager, via registered or certified mail, or through our Concierge via phone at 866-332-6549 or email at Concierge@Equinox.com.

What is Equinox cancellation policy?

You can change or cancel an existing reservation up to 3 hours prior to the start of the class without penalty. If you cancel less than 3 hours prior to the start of class, you’ll get a Late Cancel.

Is Equinox worth the money?

If you tend to spend your money to maintain fitness variety, Equinox can easily be worth it in the face of individual classes at other gyms that frequently run above $30 a pop. Besides convenience and variety, Equinox’s biggest draw is physical space.

How much do Equinox trainers make?

The typical Equinox Fitness Personal Trainer makes $22 per hour. Personal Trainer hourly pay at Equinox Fitness can range from $8 – $65.

Is Variis free for Equinox members?

Free for Equinox members. Our community is growing, and fast. See what our members are saying about Variis. Grade A product.

Is there a cancellation fee for Equinox?

After the first 12 months of Blue or Green memberships, the buyout fee is waived and all that’s required to cancel is giving notice. All cancellations must be done either in person or through a certified letter.

Do Equinox members get a discount at SoulCycle?

Included in your membership, the Variis by Equinox app offers on-demand classes from Equinox and other leading fitness brands like SoulCycle, PURE Yoga, and Precision Run—plus meditations from HeadStrong.