Question: Will There Be A Your Name 2?

Will there be another movie of your name?

Unfortunately, Shinkai is not known for making sequels of any of his works, so the chances of ‘Your Name.

2′ seem to be a little slim.

So expecting a sequel to the movie would just lead to further disappointment.

What we can expect though is a Hollywood live-action remake of the anime film..

Is Mitsuha older than Taki?

( Yes ) Mitsuha is 3 years older than Taki. And they were swapping their spirits frequently, beyond DISTANCE and TIME. (between 17years old Mitsuha and 17years old Taki) , That’s why they believed thy are the same age of 17.

Does Mitsuha die in your name?

Because Mitsuha never died, she and Taki now exist in present day. But because Taki gave Mitsuha back her red yarn, they forget one another.

What should I watch after my name?

5 Romance Anime to Fill the Current ‘Your Name’ VoidKoe No Katachi (A Silent Voice)Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day.Shigatsu Wa Kimi No Uso (Your Lie in April)5 Centimeters Per Second.Tamako Love Story.

Should I watch your name?

Your Name (Kimi no Na wa) has immense crossover appeal, not just in terms of geographies and cultures, but also across age groups. I therefore wholeheartedly recommend this film to everyone, even people who haven’t seen any anime before. Go in with realistic expectations though — this is a teenage romance film.

Is your name true story?

No. It isn’t based on a true story.

Will your name have part 2?

Unfortunately, Shinkai is not known for producing movie sequels, so the chances of Your Name 2 happening seem slim (just be glad it was a happy ending!). Audiences can’t look to the manga for more source material since the Your Name manga was completed in January of 2017 but did not add much to the movie story.

Do Taki and Mitsuha end up together?

Taki and Mitsuha don’t spend their five years planning in the back of their minds a way to get back together with the one person they long for the most. This isn’t a Hollywood-style romantic film. … At the end of the movie, however, Taki and Mitsuha do end up finding each other.

Why did Mitsuha cut her hair?

Mitsuha got her hair cut just after seeing Taki who was basically in middle school when she visited Tokyo (3 years before). … He could have just told her to visit if she had come to school. But Mitsuha didn’t come to school that day or the previous day (becoz she was in Tokyo).

How old is Mitsuha in your name?

17Mitsuha Miyamizu (宮水 三葉, Miyamizu Mitsuha) is the main female protagonist of Your Name. and makes a cameo appearance in Weathering With You. She is a 17-year-old girl living in the rural town of Itomori who yearns for a life in the bustling city of Tokyo.

Is there going to be a Kimi no Na Wa 2?

No. The movie stands well on it’s own and doesn’t leave much room for a sequel. “Weathering with You” is the upcoming Japanese animated film written and directed by Makoto Shinkai and produced by CoMix Wave Films, following the 2016 success Your Name.

How did Taki and Mitsuha fall in love?

Mitsuha fell for Taki because he has, not once, ever given her preferential treatment because of her status in Itomori. The same thing happened for her mother, who fell in love with her father. The other reason is also because Mitsuha is incredibly lonely, because of her status as a Miyamizu.