Question: What Does SP CH Mean?

What does SM P Ch mean under Armour?

size SmallThank you for contacting Under Armour Customer Support.

SM/P/P means size Small!.

What does S S mean in clothing?

I recommend 6-12 🙂 and SS means short sleeve and LS means long.

What does S stand for in science?

S. Sulfur. Chemical Element, Chemistry, Medical. Medical, Parasitology, Microbiology. Chemical Element, Chemistry, Medical.

What is 12p size?

Showing 1-7 of 7 answers. Size 12 A is for average height like if you are 5′ 5″ and above. Size 12P is for petite like 5’4″ and under.

What is 4p size in H&M?

Dresses – Numeric SizesSizeBustWaist23023½431½25¼63326¾834½28½10 more rows

What does S Ch mean in men’s clothing?

Abbreviation: CH. There doesn’t seem to be total uniformity in how manufacturers use the abbreviations, but frequently in the United States S/CH/P means size small. S is for small; CH is the Spanish (chico), and P is French for petit which means small in French.

Does Under Armour run big or small?

UnderArmour. UnderArmour definitely tends to prefer their clothes, particularly shoes, run on the small, snug side. Order a larger size if you prefer to have a roomier fit. This is also true if you’re ordering for someone with a wide chest, as their tighter fit may be constricting.

How does under Armour shoes fit compared to Nike?

Under Armour is truer to fit than Nike is. However, it is understandable when people say that they feel similar as they both run quite small. One major difference is that Nike runs a narrower shoe than that of Under Armour. This can make wearing the Nike shoe more snug compared to Under Armour.

What age is under Armour Ylg?

Under Armour Girls 6-20 Size ChartYMD (10-12)28.5-30″25-26″YLG (14-16)31.5-33.5″28-30″YXL (18-20)35.5-37.5″32-34″HeightWaist10 more rows

What does P mean in jeans?

Petite: This is not only for shorter women, but for women who are smaller in general. … Sizes are often designated with a P at the end, such as 4P (size 4 petite). Short: Short sizes for women usually indicate a shorter length, without having overall smaller proportions.

What does S S mean medically?

List of medical abbreviations: SAbbreviationMeaningSRUshock resuscitation unitss ssone-half (ss either with or without a bar over them) (from Latin semis)SShemoglobin SS (HbSS) (see in sickle-cell disease = SS disease) subserosal Sjogren’s SyndromeS/S S/Sxsigns and symptoms168 more rows

What does 16 plus mean?

A 16 regular dress is measured in 39 and a half to 41 inch bust, 32 to 33 and a half inch waist, and 42 to 43 and a half inch hip; while a 16 plus dress is tailored in 40 and a half to 42 inch bust, 33 to 34 and a half inch waist, and 43 to 44 and a half inch hip.

What is size P in Carter’s?

SizeHeight (inches)Weight (lb)Preemie (P)Up to 17Up to 5Newborn (NB)Up to 21.55 – 83M21.5 – 248 – 12.56M24 – 26.512.5 – 16.54 more rows

What does size SP mean?

S/P stands for Small/Petite (clothing size)

What is Ch size Mexico?

Mexican clothes sizing for women usually start with a 26, 28, 30, 32 … until 48, which in US sizes translates to a US 2, 4, 6, 8 … until 24. For men, Mexican sizes, in general, starts with a 36, 38, 40, 42 until 46, or sometimes the tags are ECH, CH, M, G, EG or EEG which in the US is a size starting with an XXS to XL.

What SS means?

SS means “Screen Shot”.

What is P size in H&M?

TOPS, BLOUSES, DRESSES, SKIRTS AND TROUSERS ETC. As per your feedback we have taken steps to update our sizes to have a more suitable sleeve, torso length and leg inseam. We introduced these sizes initially as P sizes (i.e. 34 P), however we will no longer label these as P.

How do I know my size in clothes?

How to Determine Your Dress SizeMeasure your bust. You’ll need to measure the fullest part of your bust to get the proper measurement. … Measure your waist. … Measure your hips. … Look at a size chart. … Always check the sizing guide when shopping online. … Check the sizing at each store. … Ask. … Pick the right dress for a straight body.More items…•