Question: Is Buying Land A Good Investment In Nigeria?

Is buying land a bad investment?

Most knowledgeable real estate investors agree buying land is not a good idea.

There’s just way too much risk.

Most knowledgeable real estate investors will agree buying land is not a good idea, and this includes buying small and/or potentially investing in a large land deal.


Is it better to buy land or a house for investment?

Buying land is harder than buying a house. … Because investment land isn’t a buyer’s primary residence (at least not in the near future), it’s much easier for owners to walk away from if finances get tight. Most lenders will require a 20-50 percent down payment, and the interest rate may be higher.

Can a foreigner buy a house in Nigeria?

How difficult is the property purchase process in Nigeria? Foreigners can obtain leases from the State for a maximum of 99 years for the use of land. The Land Use Act of 1978 converted all land to State Land. … A peculiarity about purchase of property in Nigeria, particularly in Lagos, is the Consent Fee.

What should I know before buying a plot of land?

10 Things You Need to Know Before You Buy a Piece of LandCost of Surrounding Land. 1/20. Cost of Surrounding Land. … Cost of Surrounding Land. 2/20. Cost of Surrounding Land. … Review a Recent Survey. 3/20. Review a Recent Survey. … Review a Recent Survey. 4/20. … Cost of Developing Your Land. 5/20. … Cost of Developing Your Land. 6/20. … Proximity to Utilities. 7/20. … Proximity to Utilities. 8/20.More items…•

How much does it cost to buy a land in Nigeria?

The fact that the price of a plot of land has been set at N8 million doesn’t mean that’s all you’re going to pay. Extra fees that come with building a house in Nigeria include: A). Survey Plan: This rests largely on the location of the land and is usually between N150,000 and N300,000.

What is the best investment in Nigeria?

List of the Best Investment Opportunities in NigeriaBank Investments. It is almost impossible to discuss investment opportunities in Nigeria without referring to bank wavings. … Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Investments. … Real Estate Investments. … Agriculture and Livestock Investments. … Bonds and Stocks Investments.